Why this is a good time for a household financial risk assessment – Minneapolis Star Tribune

Does the stock market make you nervous? The Dow Jones industrial average and the Standard & Poor’s 500 are up by more than 9 percent year-to-date, while the Nasdaq Composite index has risen more than 14 percent. Stock indexes seem to reach a record every couple of days, a state of market affairs disconcerting to professional investors.

Perhaps most haunting, no one seems to have a convincing explanation why market volatility is unusually low, especially considering nerve-racking geopolitical tensions and political uncertainty in President Donald Trump’s Washington. The timing is unclear, but money managers fret that markets can’t stay this calm much longer.

To be sure, much of the stock market gains so far this year have been powered by healthy corporate profits, a reviving global economy and signs that information technologies are disrupting more industries.

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