Trump claims media ‘seldom mentions’ high stock market numbers – Washington Examiner

President Trump on Tuesday accused the media of failing to report Wall Street’s record-high numbers on Monday.

“Stock Market could hit all-time high (again) 22,000 today. Was 18,000 only 6 months ago on Election Day. Mainstream media seldom mentions!” Trump tweeted Tuesday morning.

A day earlier, Trump also celebrated the stock market’s success and decried the press reports about White House infighting.

“Highest Stock Market EVER, best economic numbers in years, unemployment lowest in 17 years, wages raising, border secure, S.C.: No WH chaos!” Trump tweeted Monday.

Trump fired Reince Priebus on Friday and replace the former chief of staff with John Kelly on Monday, then fired communications director Anthony Scaramucchi.

Here’s a sampling of the coverage from the mainstream outlets:

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