Trump attacks ‘Fake News Media’ over stock market milestone coverage – Washington Examiner

President Trump attacked the “Fake News Media,” claiming news outlets did not spend much time acknowledging the latest stock market milestone reached on Thursday.

“The Fake News Media barely mentions the fact that the Stock Market just hit another New Record and that business in the U.S. is booming…but the people know!” Trump tweeted Thursday night. “Can you imagine if ‘O’ was president and had these numbers – would be biggest story on earth! Dow now over 25,000.”

“O” appears to be a reference to Trump’s predecessor, former President Barack Obama.

Trump expressed his excitement Thursday morning about the Dow Jones Industrial Average exceeding 25,000 points for the first time. He attributed the soaring figure to his administration slashing various regulations.

“Dow just crashes through 25,000. Congrats! Big cuts in unnecessary regulations continuing,” Trump tweeted Thursday morning.

Despite Trump’s apparent chagrin at the lack of coverage, several outlets, including CNN, did report the stock market milestone.

Trump has long made it a habit to criticize the media — particularly outlets that publish stories critical of him, leading to his “fake news” charge — and announced earlier this week he would give awards for “THE MOST DISHONEST & CORRUPT MEDIA AWARDS OF THE YEAR” next Monday.

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