The top investments that will pay you a monthly salary –

If an investor’s primary aim is to receive a high income, the next requirements are that the income is regular and reliable.

The start of a new year brings the usual flurry of requests for details of the best available investments that pay income monthly. It’s a common request, yet the information isn’t readily available in best-buy tables either in print or online. So Telegraph Money has done the work for you in this up-to-date guide, which covers the best monthly-paying investments – from zero-risk cash accounts to funds that invest in company shares and bonds.

Monthly-paying cash accounts, including National Savings

The price you pay for monthly income is a lower rate than you might obtain from standard accounts. Providers say that’s because frequent payments are more costly to process.

The usual variable-rate and fixed-rate options are available. The best variable-rate savings accounts…

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