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Jakarta floorJakarta Stock Exchange Adam Harvey/ Twitter

There have been reports of injuries after the second floor of the Indonesia Stock Exchange Tower 2 collapsed Monday afternoon.

A hospital spokesperson for Jakarta’s Wiloam Hospital told Associated Press that 28 injured people had arrived at the hospital and were being assessed.

According to ABC correspondent Adam Harvey, who is on the scene, the ceiling of the building’s lobby fell onto the reception area, where a Starbucks sat.

People in the lobby were hit by falling masonry, and pictures posted by Harvey show debris and large pieces of broken metal that have fallen to the floor.

A worker on floor 23 told Harvey they felt the building shake after hearing a loud “thud.” The building was then evacuated. An employee at the World Bank, which has an office in the same building, told the BBC a mezzanine level had come down.

Local station MetroTV showed footage of people running out of the building and some people lying on the ground near the entrance.

A police spokesperson told MetroTV, “we are still investigating the cause, but for now our priorities are the casualties.”

It is not clear at this stage if there have been any fatalities.

The incident occured around 12.30pm, during the midday trading break. Markets have reopened since the break.

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