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DENVER – When you get a bunch of teenagers together like Angel Hernandez, of course, they’re going to eat pizza — and trade stocks.

“We are all taking economics class together and it’s very fascinating,” Hernandez said. 

He and his team from West Early College are taking part in the 13th Annual Stock Market Challenge put on by Junior Achievement.

“This is not only something fun, but it’s something important for their life in a way they can save money and invest in their futures,” said Robin Wise, President and CEO of Junior Achievement.

The goal is to see which team can make money during live trading on a floor which is simulating the stock exchange.

“Applying this in real life, it shows how grimy the stock market really is and what you need to do to try and go and make money,” Hernandez said.

The students buy and trade stocks in real time with traders roaming around the floor. Throughout the event, news events happen which have impacts in certain types of stock. Sometimes, their gambles fail. Other times, they pay off big generating fake revenue for teams like West Early College.

“It’s cool to see how engaged we are,” Hernandez said.

Wise said the excitement of the moment makes it memorable.

“It’s fun they could do this here on a simulated stock market floor and other kids may do it on the football field,” Wise said.

Hernandez and his teammates did not win. A team from Regis Jesuit High School made the most money. But, he says it was still a great experience.

“It’s just teaching me a lot more of the stock market in general,” Hernandez said.

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