Students display investment savvy in Stock Market Games –

You’re never too young to learn about money.  At least that’s the idea behind The Stock Market Games, an annual event sponsored by Asia Pacific Financial Management Group.  Students compete to see who can make the most money.  

Event host Jon Ulloa says the stock market games were started 25 years ago by Asia Pacific founder Mick Pexa, saying, “One of the things he really wanted to do was to bring the financial education to our students. The elementary schools, the middle schools, the high schools.”

Ulloa is one of the company’s financial advisers, he says the students start off with a fictitious $100,000 portfolio, and have three months to see how much they can grow it. “And their job is to act like portfolio managers.  They can pick and choose, they can do their own research of any stocks that they want to invest in, and its winner take all. So whichever team makes the most money, wins,” she said.

There are advisers assisting each of the schools, and Ulloa said, “They’re learning about how money works, they’re learning about how to do their research, critical thinking. Of course their financial and mathematical skills. These skills are going to help them throughout their education, when they go off to college. And of course one day when they enter the workforce.”

This year’s winner was Charles White, who’s actually a homeschool student.  He explains his winning strategy, telling KUAM News, “I just invested in stocks that would have great short-term growth, like events. Mostly just biotech stocks with products. Or two of my stocks they were in a lawsuit, so I was hoping there would actually be a court case during the games so they would go up. Because it looked like they would win.”

White was inspired by the stock market games and has plans to possibly make it a career, saying, “You get to make money. Well, it’s just interesting to me I guess. Whatever you do as a career  usually it would interest you, but also this is not just as a career, you can do it as a personal hobby too, for yourself as well as for other people. I think that’s what makes it interesting.”

The JFK High School team came in second, with Upi Elementary School coming in third. 

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