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Lately, sounds coming from the floor of the stock market mean money is being made, but less than half of America is involved. Most people don’t have extra money to risk, but with such a strong economic surge as of late, could it be too risky not to get involved?

Ted Feight, a man who has been wisely investing money for more than 40 years says he looks at many factors and says so far 2018 looks promising for new investors, but warns, anyone looking to dive in must look before they jump.

“You have to be careful when you get in. Don’t just throw your money in one spot. It’ll be good to dollar-cost average in.”

Now, just because stock market numbers look magnificent, that doesn’t mean current investors should act carelessly. Adam Eschtruth with Edward Jones says people who are already in the stock market know about its volatility so it’ll be no surprise if things level off or even fall.

“They could always be a down time in the market, and that’s expected.”

Feight agrees, and adds those already investing don’t need to fear if they are investing smartly.

“If you got good sound investments you don’t need to be jumping in and out of the market all the time.”

A market that’s hot right now and may get even hotter according to Feight if something gets done later this year.

“A lot of people don’t like Trump, but if he can get the infrastructure bill through this year is going to be a tear, it’s going to be wonderful. If he messes around with it we could have a problem.”

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