Soaring stock market means economy is on the move (Letters) –

This is to respond to Ron Chimelis and his Oct. 8 viewpoint, “Dow inexplicably soars as nation stumbles,” in which he laments the seemingly unstoppable upward trajectory of the stock market in the midst of what he describes as a country falling apart.

I’m no stock market expert, but I know this much; the market properly responds to an economy that is in good health led by low unemployment and record profits among public companies.

The market should respond to economic intrinsics rather than what comes from the mouths of politicians, pundits or the hand wringing of journalists and pop culture figures that make up the political opposition. The stock market is and has always been reflective of the ebb and flow of fear and greed, as the case may be and as it relates to the return on capital. The market typically does not and should not take into account the vagaries of our many social ills whether it be socio-economic disparity; mentally disturbed and evil mass murderers or the narcissistic juvenile bombast from our President. There is plenty to complain about, but an economy on the move and low unemployment is not among them.

Danny Plotkin, East Longmeadow

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