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SAN DIEGO, April 01, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — When the search begins for a Pet Friendly Rehab Center to provide the best possible treatment from drug and alcohol addiction, it is very difficult to be sure that you are investigating the right options.

People suffering from the disease of addiction, as well as their family members, have often walked a very long hard road, and only seek help once rock bottom has been hit or once it’s gotten so bad that the only option is to ask for help. Most people in this state are vulnerable and desperate.

With so many Addiction Treatment Centres or Rehabs advertising online as well as in the media, it is very hard to know which one to choose. Sadly there are many out there that do not provide the Treatment that they are promising. When an addicted individual and his family members are at an all time low, the last thing he wants to hear is a sales pitch. Each facility will try and convince that they are the very best, but how do we really know which one will provide you or your loved one with the very best possible Treatment? will provide you with a service which offers:

-Free advice, guidance and support


-Viewing of clinics

-Immediate admissions

-Assistance and support not only to addicts or alcoholics but also to their loved ones

-Organise Interventions

-Chaperone services

-Information about Pet Friendly Rehabs only associate themselves with the very best Private Treatment Centres for alcoholics, addicts, as well as other addictive and compulsive disorders. For each person is a unique individual and they therefore treat every addict as such. By taking a full history will be able to ascertain the most suitable treatment option according to factors such as:


-Medical history

-Psychiatric history

-Geographical location

-Co-occuring disorders

-Previous treatment history

-Length of treatment required

-Medical aid


With this in mind will provide the best options, be touch with the relevant Treatment Centre representative, thereby giving the opportunity to make the most informed decision for an addict or a loved one. The final decision is up to the individual, is merely there to provide guidance and support. When being referred to a facility it is imperative to ask certain questions. Please visit for more information.

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