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SINGAPORE, Jan. 29, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Mundipharma has expanded its partnership with specialist ophthalmic pharmaceutical company, Santen Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd, to extend its existing licence for Saflutan® to add approximately 50 markets across the Middle East and Africa. Mundipharma will also add Taptiqom® to its portfolio for Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa as part of the extended licensing agreement.

“We are delighted to further expand our ophthalmic portfolio as well as our successful partnership with Santen” said Raman Singh, CEO Mundipharma. “The extended licensing footprint will provide physicians in the additional countries with more preservative-free treatment options for glaucoma patients,” he added.

Preservative-free formulations have been shown to reduce secondary complications for glaucoma patients, which can include eye irritation and discomfort and ocular surface disease. Up to 60 per cent of glaucoma patients have ocular surface disease, compared to 15 per cent of the normal elderly population, where Ocular surface disease can cause irritation, burning, sensitivity to light, and intermittent blurred vision. According to research, patients using preservative-free formulations appear to have healthier ocular surfaces compared to patients using preservative containing formulations1 over a long period of time.  

Saflutan® (tafluprost) is the first preservative-free prostaglandin analog to relieve intraocular pressure, while Taptiqom® is the first preservative-free fixed dose combination of tafluprost and timolol, used as a second line treatment for patients where their intraocular pressure is inadequately controlled by Saflutan® alone.

“Ophthalmology is one of Mundipharma’s key focus areas and we are pleased to be able to offer patients access to innovative medical treatments as part of our broad-based portfolio,” said Mr Singh.

About Santen

As a specialized company dedicated to the ophthalmic field, Santen carries out research, development, marketing, and sales of pharmaceuticals. Santen is the market leader in Japan for prescription ophthalmic pharmaceuticals and sells products in approximately 60 countries. As a leading company in the field of ophthalmology, Santen aims to contribute to society by supplying valuable products and services to satisfy unmet medical needs. For more details, please see Santen’s website (

®: SAFLUTAN and TAPTIQOM are registered trademarks of Santen Pharmaceutical Co., LTD.

About Mundipharma

Mundipharma is a network of independent associated companies which are privately owned entities covering pharmaceutical markets in Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and Africa. The headquarters for these territories is in Singapore. Mundipharma is a prime example of a company that consistently delivers high quality products while standing by the values that represent the company. Our mission is to alleviate the suffering of patients and to substantially improve their quality of life. Mundipharma is dedicated to bringing to patients the benefit of novel treatment options in fields such as pain, oncology, oncology supportive care, ophthalmology, respiratory disease and consumer healthcare.

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