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Fluctuations in the stock market can be nerve racking, especially for people who are retired, or are nearing retirement. A local financial expert tells WCYB he expects 2018 to be a strong year for the stock market, but says you need to brace for some twists and turns.

“Talking about trade, talking about trade wars, all these different things, on a daily basis, the market is famously fickle,” David Maurice of Carrier, Maurice and Webb told WCYB. “On the long term, it does tend to move in the direction it sees the economy, ours in the US and globally because we really are very much intertwined.”

Maurice says volatility in the markets can also be a benefit to investors – simply because, with volatility, markets can go down but can also zoom to new heights.

“Volatility is a much better thing to see than complacency. We’ve heard the word complacency the last three or four months, but I really wouldn’t call it that,” Maurice said.

The S&P 500 is down more than 5 percent over the last month, but is still up nearly 12 percent over the course of the last year.

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