Its Wednesday: a mid-week look at the stock market sellers & shorters; how they’re faring – ForexLive

Just doing a scan of overnight news and views, and noting a bit of news on equity market sellers and short-sellers

Firstly, Mr. Buffett:

  • Berkshire Hathaway sold off its remaining shares of General Electric in Q2 (that’s from a  regulatory filing)

Crispin Odey (“the hedge fund manager who has stuck to bearish bets despite booming global markets, is shorting metal stocks in anticipation of slowing economic growth in China”)

  • “China’s economy in a year’s time will be much weaker than it is now,” Odey, whose London-based firm manages about $6 billion, said in a phone interview. “What you can sense is that they’ve done enough for now, and probably the second half of the year is going to be weaker.”

David Tepper is taking a slightly different view (Tepper runs hedge-fund Appaloosa Management):

  • “Look at where multiples and rates were in 1999. I’m not saying stocks are screaming cheap, but you’re nowhere near an overheated market,” Tepper said. “Any comparisons to past overheated markets are ridiculous,” he said.

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