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Re: “Colorado named one of 10 finalists for the Hyperloop One competition,” Sept. 14 news story. 

The so-called Hyperloop is making big press lately with a big bang from Elon Musk and Colorado Department of Transportation espousing the benefits of such a project. It has all the smell of a behemoth infrastructure project with crony capitalism at its best, with public subsidy of an oligarch in training, Musk.

An Aviation oriented alternative is much more feasible with much of the infrastructure already in place, and with high established safety with respect to commercial airlines. Imagine small airplanes designed for commuter oriented flights between Pueblo, Colorado Springs, Denver, Greeley and Cheyenne. The real cost per person for something like this would be much, much less than a hyperloop mega infrastructure facility with similar speed. Hey, wait, most of this is already in place. This is a nice free market solution with many potential small businesses carriers.

Too many mega-projects have depended on taxing the entire population for the benefit of the very few. Small examples are the Mile High Stadium District and the Regional Transportation District light rail. All of us pay for these things as taxes, few of us use these things.

Dream yes, but dream of a free market solution that we can choose to participate in or not.

Tony Gross, Littleton

Hyperloop One is the latest and coolest sci-fi transportation technology idea to take up space
in a newspaper. Watching Star Trek gadgets make their way into everyday life is also gratifying.
However, sometimes old technology is the one that serves us best.

Rather than CDOT spending time and resources working on a far-out transportation plan, could
I beseech them to work with RTD in bringing the FasTracks train to Boulder County? Since
Boulder County, Broomfield County, and Westminster taxpayers have so far paid over $300
million to RTD for build the B rail line, we have been told that it will take another 23 years before
we get the train. All other Denver metro FasTrack rail lines have been built or are in the process
of construction.

And, fortuitously, the state legislature will be back in town to work on a sales tax snafu to help
RTD. Perhaps we could add a line in the bill that tells RTD to build the B Line to Longmont
within the next 10 years? That would be greatly appreciated by us taxpayers.

Karen Benker, Longmont

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