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Huiyuan Group Promotes France-China Wine Cultural Exchanges

BEIJING, Nov. 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — On November 8, the Taste of Time – Médoc & Huiyuan Wine Evening was held in Huiyuan Agricultural Base in Miyun of Beijing. More than 1,500 participants, many of whom are elites and celebrities, were present at the event and visited the Intelligent Factory of Huiyuan, learned about its history, witnessed the inauguration of Guo Tailai Art Gallery, appreciated the beauty of art, and drank vintage wine from the Alliance des Crus Bourgeois du Médoc in France. The more than 1,500 participants also enjoyed the hot-pot food, in which all ingredients are produced by Huiyuan. At the event, an attractive performance was made, ensuring the participants spent a most unforgettable night.

An event with wine, paintings and cuisine

This was an event that included wine, paintings and cuisine. In the afternoon, after reaching the picturesque Huiyuan Agricultural Base, participants enjoyed the fascinating scenery, visited the Intelligent Factory, reviewed the history of Huiyuan and attended the opening ceremony of Guo Tailai Art Gallery, which displays many paintings by Mr. Guo Tailai, the founder of Eternal Painting School and Fancy Painter. They appreciated the beauty of fine art.

At the opening session, Ms. Zhu Shengqing, Vice Chairman of Huiyuan Group shared history of Huiyuan Group in her speech, expressing her interest and passion for wine business and determination of Huiyuan to work hard for the Chinese consumers. Chairman of Alliance des Crus Bourgeois du Médoc in France also praised Huiyuan for its efforts to promote FranceChina cooperation on wine business and to facilitate wine cultural exchanges. He also invited owners of more than 20 chateaus to the stage.

Beside this, President Liu Guangwei of EastEat Cuisine Institute brought the representatives of the first batch of “I produce what I eat” brands to release the I Product What I Eat – Yiyin Announcement. Huiyuan becomes the pacesetter and practitioner of I Produce What I Eat industrial chain of China. In the small-hot-pot dinner serving more than 1,500 people, all ingredients and wines were produced by Huiyuan, fulfilling I Produce What I Eat.

Staying True to the Mission, Huiyuan Works for Your Happy Life by Inheriting and Innovating

Since starting its business in 1992 in Yimeng Mountains in Shandong Province, Huiyuan has expanded its business in Beijing, China and even the world. In this process, we have seen the excellent traditions of Bordeaux winery and the bright future of FranceChina cooperation in wine business and agriculture. Huiyuan has established the wine brand Chateau Camelia and kept providing high-quality wine products and exclusive premium personalized service for consumers. By persuading the Alliance des Crus Bourgeois du Médoc in France to visit China, Chateau Camelia intends to kick off the in-depth partnership between premium French wine and chateau culture and Huiyuan. This move is often great meaning for FranceChina cultural exchanges.

As a matter of fact, in addition to the fruit juice and wine business, Huiyuan has established, by upholding its corporate mission of “bringing nutrients to the people and benefiting agriculture, rural areas and farmers”, a new business pattern featuring mutual support and common development of Huiyuan Fruit Juice, Huiyuan Fruits, Huiyuan Investments and Huiyuan Finance. Gradually, in the the countryside, it is building complex projects featuring ecology, lifestyle and production, and regimen, health and leisure. In this way, it hopes to develop a modern and new-type agricultural system featuring mutual support and integration of primary, secondary and tertiary industries. Among these projects, the Huiyuan Agricultural Base in Miyun, where the event was held, is a wonderful example.

Just as Zhu Shengqin quoted in her opening speech, “We will stay true to our mission. We will inherit and innovate in the future. Huiyuan will continue its development in agriculture to meet the consumers’ rising demands for happy life. With innovation, green and sharing, we will fulfill the ambition and dream for Great China, Great Agriculture and Great Achievements.”

The Taste of Time – Médoc & Huiyuan Wine Evening was concluded. It is worth noting, just on that day, Huiyuan was included in CCTV National Brands Plan 2018 – Top Brands. When the Group is steadily developing its business in fruit juice, fruit and agriculture, it also uses the credibility, communications, influence and guiding force of the national media CCTV. It is believed that Huiyuan will provide better-quality products and services for the happy life of consumes while upgrading its brands.

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