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Motley Fool Pro was launched to deliver subscribers low-volatility, consistent profits. Its “North Star” – the goal around which Pro Advisor Jeff Fischer and his team of analysts align themselves – is to deliver 7% annual returns after accounting for inflation. Unlike most Motley Fool services, Pro uses options to hedge against risk and generate income – tactics that help Jeff and his team smooth out volatility.

When you become a Pro member, you get access to all of Jeff Fischer’s picks – including the stocks, ETFs, and options that he uses in the Pro real-money portfolio. (Yes – The Motley Fool trusts Jeff’s abilities so much that we put our own money behind each of his picks. If that’s not a vote of confidence, I don’t know what is.) If that’s enough for you to know that you want to buy a Pro subscription, then here’s where you can do that.

Pro Advisor Jeff Fischer. Image source: The Motley Fool.

But personally, I think it never hurts to learn a little more about the product first. So here are the other benefits of a Pro subscription.

What else a Pro subscription gets you

The picks that a Pro subscription unlocks for grateful investors are an enormous part of Pro‘s value proposition. But I’d be remiss if I didn’t share some of the other elite benefits Pro comes with:

  • Detailed research write-ups on every stock in the Pro When the Pro team makes a recommendation, investors sit up and listen. That’s doubly true because they lay out – exhaustively – the details behind their thinking, breaking down the underlying business, the bull and bear case for the stock, and what allocation they’re giving it within the Pro portfolio. That kind of insight is rare – and incredibly valuable.
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to execute every trade. Pro uses advanced options, which often include complicated multi-leg trades. Fortunately, just like with every stock in the portfolio, Jeff and his team lay out a precise explanation as to why they’re using the options strategy and what they hope to achieve with it. And then they provide step-by-step instructions walking members through precisely how to duplicate the trade – so anyone (even a beginner) can follow along and get the full benefits of following the Pro team’s picks.
  • A commitment to investor education. Jeff and the Pro team are passionate about educating investors. That’s why they give so much information out about every stock pick and options trade. But their commitment runs deeper than that. They make strategy and mindset documents available to every new member so they can really understand how Jeff thinks about the stock market – and how they can set themselves up to profit consistently with less volatility. A Pro subscription is about so much more than good stock picks and options ideas – it’s about helping each member become a more profitable investor.
  • An elite, engaged investing community. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Pro subscribers are a pretty happy bunch. The Pro team has a group of dedicated message boards only open to subscribers. Members use these to talk through stock picks and debate each of Jeff’s new moves. The message boards and the community they’ve helped foster may be the most undervalued benefit of a Pro membership – so don’t miss out on them!
  • Included access to Motley Fool Options (a $999 annual value). As the name suggests, Motley Fool Options gives options picks to help complement a stock portfolio. Jeff Fischer runs it with co-advisor Jim Gillies. Their fantastic track record in closing profitable options trades makes the service a must-have for anyone looking to learn how to invest in options effectively. So we’ve included it in your Pro

How you get Pro picks

With all of these benefits, it’s no wonder a small group of forward-thinking investors has answered the call to “go Pro” with a resounding “Yes!”

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