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Football INDEX, a gaming experience which is aiming to emulate a stock market is getting a big update today. The unique gaming experience, which is the first football stock market will add a feature called ‘Performance Buzz’.

The UK licensed gambling platform that emulates a stock market where shares are substituted by football players is presenting an opportunity for clients to bet on the future success of the sportsmen. Football INDEX gives an alternative to traditional sports betting with clients buying units of footballers and build their football portfolios that they try to sell at a profit.

The new ‘Performance Buzz’ feature is changing a feature which resembles cash dividends to the clients. The value is based on the footballers’ on-pitch performance. The information is provided by Opta data. Up until now, the dividends to traders holding shares in players was based on the trending in media each day and was called ‘Media Buzz’.

The clients of the company are now also provided with Capital Appreciation in the value of their portfolio of players.

Commenting on the announcement the CEO of Football INDEX, Adan Cole, said: “Adding Performance Buzz ensures our traders can capitalize on their core ‘on the pitch’ knowledge. For example, traders can buy players they consider ‘on form’ as we are using Opta data measures – 40 points for scoring a goal to 1 point for a successful pass and minus 5 points for a yellow card.”

“With Football INDEX you build your portfolio by buying and selling footballers with real money – betting on the footballer, not the fixture. Your trade stays open with multiple win opportunities until you choose to close it. You’re effectively betting on a player’s future value and success – so adding performance as a measure should really appeal to the fantasy football aficionados as their player knowledge will be rewarded,” Cole elaborated.

The changes are designed to make the platform more appealing to clients and incorporate changes in the performance of each player in realtime. An important component that is adding variability to the play may prove to make the platform more attractive. Football INDEX partnered with Gold-i for the launch of the product last year.

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