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Watch for emerging artists coming out of the South West as changes in “Hot” commodities bring a shift to the Entertainment fields and companies. The announcement of new communication technologies arising from a surprising source causes speculative investments to take an exciting turn. Caution is suggested when contemplating a shift in your major holdings as a shifting base could create major reversals. Think carefully before discarding holdings based on Real-Estate prices in areas that are currently unstable as things may not be as bad as they appear (Remember : YOU are the one that is responsible for any final decisions in changing your own portfolio).

New discoveries in Rare-Earth elements leads to a surge in research in these fields, especially regarding potential sources in areas of exploration involving water and the potential impact of humidity on softer materials. New water and/or Hydrogen based research brings a surprising change in some energy based companies (especially those focusing on Magnetics), though caution is urged when investing in these fields as the unknown profit lines of this infantile research is still a prevailing concern, so be sure to research your options carefully. Domestic stocks are likely to take a turn for the better at this time due to societal complications having a destabilizing impact on many investments from foreign sources. Speculation on new revelations in the medical field prompts a resurgence in investing options, so be sure to focus on the areas you are already familiar with as a change at this point could result in unplanned reversals.

Caution is urged when speculating in fields traditionally focusing on magnetic based communication due to a shift in the local atmosphere in regarding the stocks in question. Watch for a shift in positioning of smaller communications companies, especially those focusing on personal tools for the individual as sudden growth based on a surprising announcement could be good.

Domestic investments, especially in the area of domestically mined minerals, are likely to result in reasonable profits. Expanding foreign markets among currently stable electronic companies are likely to result in better returns than expected, but be careful not to over diversify at this time as this could trigger a reversal in your overall profit margin.

Caution is urged when looking to alter your holdings in the communication industry as a surprising turn of events is indicated in the near future. Be sure to be clear with the individual responsible for your stock portfolio when considering a shift in your precious metal holdings as timing is sure to be critical with a small window showing up later in the week.

Rare-Earth investments could result in reasonable returns, especially in the fields that are complimenting Magnetics and exploration. Researching your domestic investments at this time reveals a shift in the formerly stable major holdings. Clarity of communication is critical at this time, especially in the fields of electronics and magnetics, is critical as the returns are likely to be better than you are expecting.

Concentrating on your entertainment based holdings is likely to result in a positive outcome, especially in the smaller holdings focusing on sports equipment and technology fields. An interest in Exploration and Rare-Earth stocks is set to give decent returns, but be careful you do not over-extend, or over-diversify your holdings.

An expanding market in domestic holdings is likely to result in good returns so focus on your reinvestment procedures. Research fields in Herbalism and Medicine brings good returns, especially in domestic environments. As hidden insight come to light regarding behind-the-scenes operations in a major communications player results in a sudden and short lived decline in stock value bringing with it a great opportunity for good returns spanning from late in the week to early in the coming week.

A rapid shift in your holding revolving around Water and Magnetics provides a good opportunity to increase your returns, though it is critical you are focused on mid-range returns as liquidating your excess stock in an effective fashion relies on solid communication. Stocks in the domestic exploration fields seem to stabilize later in the week but keep your eyes open as the fluctuation is finished yet.

Investments in foreign exploration reveals minor set-backs in expected results setting the stage for a positive change in medical research and neighboring fields. A shift in the focus of transportation technologies, especially regarding solar and interplanetary exploration fields is likely to net excellent returns in the long run.

A surprising revelation later in the week puts stock in a major communications player in question. Caution is encouraged at this time regarding rapid liquidation of questionable holdings, so be sure to consult with someone you trust, if only for confirmation, before making a major decision in this regard. The latter part of the week brings clear change in solar energy exploration and potential transportation.

Be sure to look over the details of new contracts/investments as there things are not necessarily as stable as you would like them to be. Fluctuating interest in magnetics provides a great opportunity for financial gains, potentially providing the option of multiple trades in the same week. New discoveries in Rare-Earth deposits open the door to enhanced exploration by the same companies.

Communication fields hold special interest for you at this time as new information is released early in the week regarding a new discovery in the northern lands of Europe. Caution is urged as precious metals fluctuate in preparation for a positively oriented climb in value. Exploration in magnetics and their associated technologies results in decent returns, though the turn in the market could reverse with little to no warning, so be diligent in your decision oriented research.

Pay close attention to the likely direction that other investors are likely to respond to a surprising piece of information that comes out of the shadows. Legal complications for a major communication company sets the stage for a reasonable return on investment, IF you act quickly. Be very careful in modifying the ratios of your holdings at this time. However, this instability is almost sure to be short lived.

Disclaimer: The Financial Horoscope series is for entertainment purposes only.

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