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AN essay competition launched by the South Pacific Stock Exchange yesterday is expected to assist and inspire students to broaden their minds in terms of financial literacy including savings, investment and the stock market.

The 2018 National Essay Competition was launched at the Reserve Bank of Fiji with assistance from the Ministry of Education, Heritage and Arts permanent secretary Alison Burchell.

Exchange CEO Krishika Narayan said one of the key focus areas for the exchange was to increase the attractiveness of and create awareness about the stock market in Fiji.

“As such, over the years SPSE has placed great emphasis on this developmental role and has embarked on the significance of financial literacy surrounding the stock market through various awareness mediums.”

She said over the years certain schools as part of their business excursion programs had visited the SPSE to get to see how the stock market worked.

Ms Narayan said there were many schools outside Suva that had not had the opportunity to visit and the national competition would provide an equal opportunity to all students around Fiji so that we can build a more knowledgeable and vigilant young financially literate populace in the country.

The 2018 National Essay Competition has been divided into two categories — Category 1 will cater for students from Year 9 and Year 10 while category 2 will cater for students from Year 11, Year 12 and Year 13.

Participating students are required to formulate an essay after choosing interested topics related to the stock market in Fiji and selected topics from their relevant category and submit the same to the SPSE on or before the due date of Thursday, May 31, 2018.

Ms Narayan said there would be three winners under each category and the winners would be finalised by July 2018 with the overall winner from each category having a further edge and will be given an opportunity to attend and receive their credentials at the 2018 SPSE Annual Awards Event.

Ms Narayan said their listed companies had shown overwhelming support to the initiative and had provided sponsorship in both cash and kind.

Application forms are available on the SPSE website ( and can also be downloaded from the SPSE Facebook page and will be made available in all the schools from next week. The same form can also be obtained from the SPSE as well as Stockbroker offices.

SPSE chairperson Dr Nur Bano Ali said through the program the SPSE aimed to promote the operations of the stock market to students from an early age so that their interest into being more informed and educated about the stock market could be triggered.

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