Could the EU’s giant stocks of milk powder end up as animal feed –

He told reporters after a meeting of Agriculture Ministers that the EU cannot sustainably continue with 380,000t of SMP in intervention. He said the Commission is ready to consider all reasonable options for the disposal of the stock.

“That could have an impact in 2018 on the marketplace for dairy products and that ultimately would have an impact on farm prices.

“So we are prudently looking forward to how we can actually reduce the storage.

“We will continue with intervention but we don’t want it to be a more attractive proposition than the market

“At the same time, we need to find ways to sell the product or remove the product in some way….. maybe feed.

“There are no any easy options but we have to see what we can do to remove this product as quickly as possible out of storage,” he said.

The Commissioner also said that in an effort to deal with SMP stocks he suggested that setting the celing for buying in at fixed prices to zero in 2018.

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