#BQMutualFundShow: What Women Should Consider While Investing In Mutual Funds – BloombergQuint

Radhika Gupta: It’s very important, men and women, and especially for women investors, to identify what stage and what your investing needs are. An advisor would assist you in this. If you are a young woman who has just started earning, you will probably have a higher risk profile. So could you do 60 percent in equity and 40 percent in debt? Probably. If you are 35 or 40 and you are a homemaker and you don’t have a large stream of income or you are someone who is retiring and looking for capital protection, then the right answer is certainly not 100 percent equity. It’s something like 20-30 percent equity and 80 percent fixed deposits. You could take two approaches to this problem. One is to decide how much equity I will do and how much debt I will do. If you don’t want to do that decision making, then you can turn to hybrid funds which will solve that problem for you.

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