4 Reasons Why Binary Options Are A Great Option for Beginning Traders – Gary Skentelbery (press release)

Investment world, especially when you consider how many possibilities there are.

Anyone who looks at the financial page and sees how many possible stocks there are in which to invest can easily have their head spinning at the end of it. For someone starting out in the world of trading, an easier alternative might be the best way to go, and it turns out that binary options afford just that kind of approachability for the beginning investor.

Binary options allow investors to try and guess the price of some sort of financial asset or indicator and profit if their guess is correct. You can even get started in this process by using signals that tell you when to make an options trade at the optimum moment; check out Top 10 Binary Signals to help you with that agenda. And read on to find out why binary options can be a kind of entryway into the investment world for you.

1.Low Cost

One of the cool things about binary options is that they don’t require a substantialoriginal investment for you to participate. You need risk under 100 dollars to take part in one of these trades if you are bidding. Or, if you are planning to sell an option, you don’t really need any money up front other than a possible broker commission.

  1. Ease Of Understanding

If you are familiar with how sports wagers work, you should be able to grasp the concept of how a binary option works. You’re simply deciding upon the price of a certain financial instrument at a certain time, essentially wagering if it will be above or below a set limit at a certain time. You “win” or “lose” the option depending upon if the price settles where you expect it.

  1. Quick Returns

Many people are turned off by the fact that investing in stocks, bonds, or other financial instruments generally requires a long period of time to pass before the investments come to any kind of fruition. This is not the case with binary options. As soon as the predetermined time passes, you have the opportunity to collect if you predicted correctly whether the entity is above or below the strike price.

  1. The Rush

There are very few investment techniques which are as thrilling as binary options. As you wait to see the time pass and the price of the option instrument, you’ll likely feel the kind of excitement that you won’t get from seeing a stock or bond rise incrementally in value over many years. There is a kind of instant gratification in play that really no other type of investment can provide.


For a beginning investor, there are few choices more suited to getting your feet wet than binary options. What you’ll find is that it might even be something to which you return even after you’ve tried other methods.

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